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A hotel in Mzaar Kfardebian is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. Facilities provided may range from a basic bed and storage for clothing, to luxury features like en-suite bathrooms. Larger in Mzaar Kfardebian hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pool, business centre, childcare, conference facilities and social function services. Hotel rooms in Mzaar Kfardebian are usually numbered (or named in some smaller hotels and B&Bs) to allow guests to identify their room. Some Mzaar Kfardebian hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement. Hotel operations vary in size, function, and cost. Most Mzaar Kfardebian hotels and major hospitality companies that operate hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian have set widely accepted industry standards to classify hotel types. General categories include the following:

Upscale luxury hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian
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Historic inns and boutique hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian
Boutique hotels of Mzaar Kfardebian are smaller independent non-branded hotels that often contain upscale facilities of varying size in unique or intimate settings with full service accommodations. Mzaar Kfardebian boutique hotels are generally 100 rooms or less. Some historic inns and boutique hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian may be classified as luxury hotels.

Focused or select service hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian
Small to medium-sized hotel establishments that offer a limited amount of on-site amenities that only cater and market to a specific demographic of Mzaar Kfardebian travelers, such as the single business traveler. Most Mzaar Kfardebian focused or select service hotels may still offer full service accommodations but may lack leisure amenities such as an on-site restaurant or a swimming pool.

Economy and limited service hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian
Small to medium-sized Mzaar Kfardebian hotel establishments that offer a very limited amount of on-site amenities and often only offer basic accommodations with little to no services, these facilities normally only cater and market to a specific demographic of travelers, such as the budget-minded Mzaar Kfardebian traveler seeking a "no frills" accommodation. Limited service Mzaar Kfardebian hotels often lack an on-site restaurant but in return may offer a limited complimentary food and beverage amenity such as on-site continental breakfast service.

Guest houses and B&Bs in Mzaar Kfardebian
A bed and breakfast in Mzaar Kfardebian is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and inclusive breakfast. Usually, Mzaar Kfardebian bed and breakfasts are private homes or family homes offering accommodations. The typical Mzaar Kfardebian B&B has between 4 and 11 rooms, with 6 being the average. Generally, guests are accommodated in private bedrooms with private bathrooms, or in a suite of rooms including an en suite bathroom. Some homes have private bedrooms with a bathroom which is shared with other guests. Breakfast is served in the bedroom, a dining room, or the host's kitchen. Often the owners of guest house themselves prepare the breakfast and clean the rooms.

Hostels in Mzaar Kfardebian
Mzaar Kfardebian hostels provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge, and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, although private rooms may also be available. Hostels are often cheaper for both the operator and occupants; many Mzaar Kfardebian hostels have long-term residents whom they employ as desk agents or housekeeping staff in exchange for experience or discounted accommodation.

Apartment hotels, extended stay hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian
Extended stay hotels are small to medium-sized Mzaar Kfardebian hotels that offer longer term full service accommodations compared to a traditional hotel. Extended stay hotels may offer non-traditional pricing methods such as a weekly rate that cater towards travelers in need of short-term accommodations for an extended period of time. Similar to limited and select service hotels, on-site amenities are normally limited and most extended stay hotels in Mzaar Kfardebian lack an on-site restaurant.

Timeshare and destination clubs in Mzaar Kfardebian
Mzaar Kfardebian timeshare and destination clubs are a form of property ownership also referred to as a vacation ownership involving the purchase and ownership of an individual unit of accommodation for seasonal usage during a specified period of time. Timeshare resorts in Mzaar Kfardebian often offer amenities similar that of a Full service hotel with on-site restaurant(s), swimming pools, recreation grounds, and other leisure-oriented amenities. Destination clubs of Mzaar Kfardebian on the other hand may offer more exclusive private accommodations such as private houses in a neighborhood-style setting.

Motels in Mzaar Kfardebian
A Mzaar Kfardebian motel is a small-sized low-rise lodging establishment similar to that of a limited service hotel, but with direct access to individual rooms from the car park. Common during the 1950s and 1960s, motels were often located adjacent to a major road, where they were built on inexpensive land at the edge of towns or along stretches of highways. They are still useful in less populated areas of Mzaar Kfardebian for driving travelers, but the more populated an area becomes the more hotels fill the need. Many of Mzaar Kfardebian motels which remain in operation have joined national franchise chains, rebranding themselves as hotels, inns or lodges.

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Travelling and vacation in Mzaar Kfardebian

Montagnes Faraya.jpg

Mzaar Kfardebian (Arabic: مزار كفردبيان‎‎ - formerly Faraya Mzaar) is a ski area in Lebanon and the largest ski resort in the Middle East. It is located one hour away from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. It is also referred to as Ouyoune el Simane.

Mzaar Kfardebian: History

In 1960, Sami Geammal, Emile Riachi and a group of pioneers installed the first ski lift imported from Switzerland, on the "refuge" hill and built the first four chalets in the region. One year later, they bought 160,000 square metres (40 acres) of property from Prosper Gay-Para in order to expand the resort area.

In 1963, the Faraya Mzaar - Tourism and Winter Sports Company was launched with Sheikh Salim El-Khazen as the principal shareholder and financed by banker Joseph Abdo Khoury who later became the company Chairman and General Manager. The company acquired the concession to build and operate ski lifts on lands belonging to the Kesrouan district municipalities. In 1965, the Mzaar Hotel opened its doors, and the company installed the first Chairlift on the Jabal Dib Hills. The junction between "Refuge" and "Jabal Dib" was achieved in 1968 through the installation of the resort's third lift which was named "Jonction". In the 1980s, during the civil war, the Mzaar Company was taken over by the Saudi Group al Mabani led by Fouad Rizk and Nehme Tohme. In 1993, after the Lebanese civil war ended, the new group started the expansion of the resort when a three-seat chairlift was installed reaching the Mzaar peak, the highest peak of the area, and more chairlifts were to follow. In 2012, the resort's number of lifts reached 20 (including 7 lifts installed in the "Wardeh" area created in 1999) with around 80 kilometres (50 mi) of slopes.

Mzaar Kfardebian: Name controversy

"Mzaar" is the Arabic word for sanctuary. The highest mountain in Ouyoune el Simane was called "jabal el mzaar" (mountain of the sanctuary) after a small Roman temple built on its top. It is believed that the Romans were using fire as signals to communicate between the coastal area and Baalbeck, or Heliopolis, through Faqra and the Mzaar peak. The temple was totally destroyed during the civil war (1975-1990) and its stones were stolen. The real name of the area is Ouyoune el Simane (Meaning Simane springs) and it is administratively under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Kfardebian, which is also the case for the Faqra area, although the resort is commonly but inaccurately referred to as "Faraya-Mzaar" or "Faraya".

Mzaar Kfardebian: Skiing area

Ski season usually stretches from early December to early April. Today, the ski resort is constituted of 42 hills that extend on 80 kilometres (50 mi).

Skiing ranges between heights of 1,850 metres (6,070 ft) at Mzaar-Kfardebian, to 2,465 metres (8,087 ft)on the peak above Mzaar. On the top of Mzaar slope, upon exiting the chairlift, there is a view over the Bekaa Valley, Mount Hermon of the Anti-Lebanon and other peaks like Zaarour, Laqlouq and the Cedars. Coastal towns and the capital Beirut can be seen on clear days.

The peaks of the Mzaar-Kfardebian mountain range vary between heights of 1,913 and 2,465 metres (6,276 and 8,087 ft). The highest peak is Mzaar, followed by Wardeh and Jabal Dib (mountain of the wolf) Peak, offer challenges for the experienced skier or snowboarder. Three other peaks are well suited for beginners, and even more are adapted to skier of intermediate level. In addition, there are a number of cross-country trails. Usually, opening hours during the week is from 8am to 3:30pm but it extends until 4pm during the weekend.

A large variety of other activities and excursions are also available.

Along with traditional alpine skiing, people can practice ski-doo, night skiing, snow boarding. Entertainment such as ski shows and fashion shows, including G-string models, are organized to promote the resort.

Mzaar Kfardebian: Natural and historical sites

At an elevation of 1,550 metres (5,090 ft), Faqra is home to well preserved Roman temples, columns, altars and rock cut tombs.

On the way to the ruins of Faqra, one can see a natural water-crafted bridge called "Jisr al-Hajar" or the "Stone Bridge" with an arch measuring 38 metres (125 ft).

Mzaar Kfardebian: Ski clubs

Mzaar-Kfardebian is home to several different Lebanese ski clubs which are affiliated to the Lebanese Ski Federation which was founded in 1961.

Mzaar Kfardebian: See also

  • List of ski areas and resorts in Asia
  • Skiing

Mzaar Kfardebian: References

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